Greenhouse Go Time

It's February and we have had the mildest winter, ever! The tulips are pushing up and the daphne are opened and fragrant. These weather cues mean it's GO TIME in the greenhouse. We have a superstar team of horticulturists who are opening the green house nursery for lil' seedling babies. These fragile babies will need extra, daily attention. We plan to have each class adopt-a week to do tending and measurements.

Here's what to do to get started in the greenhouse:

1. Check and clean doors, windows and tables. Check thermometer for working order.

2. Wash in hot soapy water all the pots for seed flats.

3. Purchase several bags of seed starter soil.

4. Wash and clean watering cans and set out for use.

5. Begin Observation Graph by measuring time, date, temperature in greenhouse, temperature outside, plants watered, plants sprouting, problems.

6. Sow seeds and begin...

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Gravel on the Fitness Trail

Thanks to our First Grade Work Party, we patched the trouble spots where runners were ankle deep in puddles. The rainy work day was perfect for searching out those spots. We had many helping hands, big and small, on this project. 

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