The rain can't keep us down!

February brought a return to Garden Lit classes for all Cedaroak students after a two-month hiatus. Although the sky continues to download on us, we've still been getting outside to check the rain gauges, air and soil thermometers, and even plant peas and radishes today (!). As we hopefully squint at the daffodils not quite open we are grateful for the first almost-spring nibbles of chives and field pea leaves.

In February all students learned about seeds- their amazing ability to suspend growth until the conditions are just right, their incredible anatomy that includes an embryonic plant nestled inside a protective coat, the diversity and life cycles of seeds, and even their adaptations including seed dispersal mechanisms. Fourth graders practiced designing their own "seeds" that were able to fly, float, and hitch a ride. Fifth graders planted broccoli, cabbage, onions, and lettuce for our grow lights. Younger students sorted and drew seeds, predicted germination times for planted peas, and even dissected beans to learn seed anatomy.

As the rains continue into the month of March we are appropriately learning about the water cycle and the importance of water for all life to thrive. Fifth graders played water trivia games and used their footsteps to measure tree root systems while kindergarteners sang water cycle songs and went on a raindrop hunt. As the month progresses, we will continue to discuss age-appropriate ways to protect and conserve water (even as it pours around us) as we learn about the interconnected and finite amount of water we all share. Stay tuned and keep your eyes out for sprouting peas!

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Gravel on the Fitness Trail

Thanks to our First Grade Work Party, we patched the trouble spots where runners were ankle deep in puddles. The rainy work day was perfect for searching out those spots. We had many helping hands, big and small, on this project. 

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