Seeds for community

Seeds are special. Packed with the recipes for all sorts of life, we can't live without them. Exchanging seeds is a vital function in the community. Robinwood Community Garden is hosting their annual Seed Exchange Event today. This is an opportunity to share collected and unused seed packets from last year and discover and sample new seeds for yourself. Any leftover packets will be donated to the West Linn Library Seed Library. This library hosts a collection of seeds for residents to sample throughout the year.

I collected some new varieties of Kohlrabi, Globe Radishes, Artichoke Violeta di Romagna, and Precious Gem Sweet Corn. Sorting through my seed box and adding the new varieties sparks that inkling of hope for the new season. Time to turn on the grow lights. By starting indoors, I get a jumpstart on the season when it is too soggy to sow seeds outside. And now begins the long, patient weeks before spring starts.

At Cedaroak, the seeds create community in Discovery Square. Garden Literacy students started sowing seeds this month under the grow lights, planting onions, tomatoes and lettuce. We set up grow lights in the Discovery Square for all the students to track their progress. Mrs. Anderson's Third Grade class will be the seed stewards by watering and tending the seedlings and Mrs. Boyer's Third Grade class will display their seed study work.

The lights are on, it's time to GROW.


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Gravel on the Fitness Trail

Thanks to our First Grade Work Party, we patched the trouble spots where runners were ankle deep in puddles. The rainy work day was perfect for searching out those spots. We had many helping hands, big and small, on this project. 

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